Bathroom countertop

Bathroom countertop, choose marble or quartz stone

If you want the bathroom to be upscale and have a modern and comfortable home environment, it is very suitable to use some stone products as the countertop of the bathroom cabinetduring the decoration process.

In the past decoration concept, the use of natural marble is a symbol of high-end atmosphere; in modern decoration stone, natural marble no longer occupies the entire sky, bathroom and kitchen countertops, but now more artificial quartz stone.

What exactly is natural marble, what is quartz stone, let us explore and talk about it.

First, marble

Advantages of the marble sink

  1. The embodiment of identity: The price of this stone is generally high, the pattern is varied, and many styles are available for consumers to choose. The use of marble is beautifully decorated and graded. Many rich people choose marble, and slowly become a symbol of status.
  2. Because it is stone, its high temperature resistance and waterproof performance are very good.
  3. The surface is smooth.

Disadvantages of marble cabinets

  1. Generally, marble needs to be spliced, so the gap is easy to breed bacteria, and it has an impact on health for a long time.
  2. This kind of stone has high hardness, but it has no elasticity. If it hits a heavy blow, it is easy to crack, and once the stain penetrates, it is difficult to clean and affect the appearance of the cabinet.
  3. there will be obvious seams at the joints, not beautiful.
  4. each type of stone has different degrees of radiation, marble is also the case, consumer decoration must choose the standard stone.

Second, artificial quartz stone

Artificial quartz stone advantages

  1. Because the artificial quartz stone countertop is made of artificial stone, it has more functions of impact resistance, flexural resistance, compression resistance and penetration resistance than other stone materials, and its ability of wear resistance, acid resistance and high temperature resistance is also very strong. The whole is better than natural stone.

  2. artificial quartz stone countertops are complete and rich in color, can be integrally formed, and can be repeatedly polished and innovative.

  3. If you think that the artificial quartz stone countertops is too short or too narrow, it does not matter, it can be seamlessly bonded at random length, and there is no trace of the bond.
  4. Since the surface of the artificial quartz stone countertop has no pores, oil stains, water stains, etc. do not easily penetrate into the interior, and the dirt on the exterior can be easily washed with a damp cloth and a cleaning agent, and thus has a strong anti-staining power.
  5. with other materials can not match the wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-penetration and other characteristics.

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